we are an investment fund that partners with exceptional people to build businesses where financial success creates meaningful social change.


our beliefs. the stakes are higher than ever before. 

the critical systems of our society – energy, food, and finance – are undergoing massive transformation. The evolution of these systems over the coming decades will shape our future prosperity.

we see this as an opportunity to deploy capital into emerging businesses with the potential to transform these critical systems in ways that we feel proud of passing on to future generations.

we seek to invest in early stage companies where financial success creates meaningful social and environmental value. We believe there is an opportunity to create large, impactful businesses within these critically important segments of our society.  And while profitability is required for long-term sustainability, we believe measurable social and environmental impact is what creates long-term resilience and permanent value. 

we look for exceptional people who share our cultural values and possess the unique combination of an inspiring vision and the ability to make their vision a reality. 

[+] investment themes: we actively invest in 3 systems

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, consumers lack trust in the traditional financial system, which has also failed to provide fair and transparent products to consumers and responsible risk management. 

we invest in:

  • Extension of fairly priced credit to borrowers with the ability to repay

  • Products and services that promote savings and responsible financial behavior

  • Greater transparency along the capital supply chain


Today over 85% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States come from the energy system. Achieving climate stability will require transformation across the system of energy production, distribution and consumption.

we invest in:

  • Cleaner sources of energy generation
  • More efficient use of energy in the industrial, buildings and transportation sectors
  • Greater flexibility, efficiency and resiliency of the electricity grid
  • More sustainable and transparent supply chains 



Today 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese while another 1/6 goes hungry. Our production system is depleting topsoil and groundwater resources much faster than they can be restored by natural cycles.

we invest in:

  • Products and services that promote healthy and balanced diets
  • Methods of food production that regenerate soil and other natural systems
  • More efficient and resilient methods of food distribution